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Walking Tours

Learn History Where the Events Occurred

Learn history from a personal stories while walking in the actual areas where the events occurred.
For those interested in the LGBT History Tour in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, you will be led personally by Rick Landman, one of the early pioneers of the LGBT Rights Movement. You can click on the icon below to read more about the most popular Tour for college as well as high school students. Past groups included "Gay-Straight Alliances", professional groups wanting an outdoor experience for their staff, and even private parties. The lecture that goes along with this Walking Tour can have many variations and be modified for your group. The talk incorporates the greater struggle for Civil Rights and Rick relates what it was like growing up in NYC in the 1960's as a gay child of Holocaust Survivors.

There are also several Tours in Lower Manhattan.

  • The LGBT History Tour in Greenwich Village, is led by one of the early pioneers of the Movement. It incorporates the entire post WW II American Civil Rights Movement. The historical perspective is from a Law Professor who grew up in the segregated North as a gay son of two German Holocaust Survivors who has been active in the LGBT (Gay) Rights Movement since 1970. This can be turned into a "Walking Show" for small groups of friends, co-workers, or for families with LGBT members. It has also been tailored for professional groups, such as for lawyers,urban planners, and doctors.
  • The New Amsterdam Tour, delves into the lives of the settlers including the enslaved, Jews, Homosexuals, Native Americans, and Europeans who lived in New Amsterdam and New Orange.
  • The Urban Planning Tour, is in Greenwich Village or in the Wall Street area. The Village Tour focuses on the Urban Renewal Area around NYU and talks include stories about Robert Moses, Jane Jacobs, and America's housing policies. The Tour downtown focuses more on the physical form and the former Lower Manhattan Plan around the World Trade Center area.
  • The World Trade Center Area, is led by a long time resident of Tribeca, former chair of various Community Board #1 Committees, who lived through 9/11. The Tour includes the former Lower Manhattan Plan and stories about 9/11 and the aftermath.
  • Individualized programs have been made for colleges, such at the tour for St. John's University's Discover New York program. The "Talk" is just as important as the "Walk" and includes many first hand recollections. All Tours can also be transformed into indoor lectures.

Tours can be designed for people of all ages, from grades 2-12, college students, professional organizations, families and tourists. They can also be a recreational event for small groups or parties.

So click below on any of icons of the various Tours for prices, and then email or use the form below for further information. You need a written confirmation before the Tour is finalized.

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For people interested in Jewish or Holocaust Studies there are walking tours that go through the Lower East Side (including the Sherith Israel Cemetery in Chinatown) or to the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park City, Manhattan.


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