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rick Landman

Riding the Arc of History

      March 6, 2014

      Logo by Erina Eda Poster by Ogulcan Kus
      Logo by Erina Eda and Poster by Ogulcan Kus

      Daphnie Sicre "I just want to thank Rick Landman for having the courage to debut his show in my Arts & Social Justice course at Marymount. I also want thank you so much for allowing my students to collaborate with you & join you on this beautiful journey of storytelling. What a wonderful exercise in combining art, social justice, & storytelling. Gracias!"
      Daphnie Sicre, Instructor.

      Rick Landman performs
      Photos by Raquel Hernandez

      Based on the manuscript, Riding the Arc of History, by Rick Landman.
      Rick related his life story in a way to educate and encourage the audience
      to strive for Social Justice.

      Theater Class
      This was a collaborative curricular approach where the students assisted in the creation of the program. I was given a warm and safe atmosphere to try out my ideas; while the students were given the opportunity to hone their skills at filming, editing, taking still photos, graphics, etc. on a real production.

      Sample of Comments from the students:
      I walked away excited to go tell someone else about what I had just experienced. I was absolutely fascinated by Rick’s story, humored by his impressions, and inspired by his preservation and good spirit. There are so many aspects to Rick that make him amazing; that I could make a list that goes on and on and on. I am amazed that someone can know that much about their family history, about their religion, about events throughout history, and about themselves. Rick truly knows himself and can define his identity, which I think is something many people struggle with- is knowing who they are.

      I really loved the premise for all of it and I really got a strong sense of his passion for it and I think its a really important issue and history that people really need to be aware of. I left with a lot of new information I hadn't had before! He has such an inspirational story and has done so much for the LGBTQ community as well as the Jewish community.

      Riding the Arc of History

Many thanks to the crew for providing their pro bono skills:

Recording the Event Lexi Garcia
Recording the Event Jacob Larsen
Still Photos Raquel Hernandez
Edit the Recording Austin Sora
Create You Tube Nikkaia Dean
Design Graphic Image Ogulcan Kus
Powerpoint/Prezi Allie Kornfeld
Manage Powerpoint Melanie Huerta
Lighting Alexandrea Tenebaum
Music Selections Brooke Lineberger
Procure Equipment Jenna Ho
Procure Space Rebecca Sanborn
Make-up Jullian Sayegh/Lindsay Cella
Stage Manager Kristen Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Jordan Santoro
Critique Development Roksolana Dobriaska
Critique Analysis Joe Maybloom
Website page Critique Shana Casey
Stage set Brianna Freeman
Logo Erina Eda
Props Sarah Caldwell
Brainstorm Costumes Haley Beney
Hair Cut Rudy of Chelsea Garden Barbers
Hair Color Just for Men









Photo taken at CBST
(Congregation Beit Simchat Torah)
dressed up as Mae West for Purim 2013.

My mother first sent me to CBST in 1973
and I am now a very long term member.


    This intimate individualized performance can be conducted in a classroom setting, an auditorium or theater. It can also be part of a larger Inclusive Civil Rights Program.

    Being a gay son of Holocaust Survivors who became a German citizen becomes the stepping stone to explore deeper issues; while humor softens the impact.

    Ideally suited for Gay (LGBT), or Jewish or Holocaust related Programs.








If you want to watch an excellent program by
Second Generation Children of Holocaust Survivors you can click below.
Rick Landman's 7 minute story starts at 1:04:26 if you only want to watch that segment.



    Photo taken at the 2013 German-American Steuben Parade as I walk in the Parade as a Jewish Contingent of 1. This was the 4th year of my attempts at having a group.

    Salute to Israel
    Photo taken at the 2013 Salute to Israel Parade which now has 2 LGBT Contingents, after years of being banned from the Parade. I was the Parade Chair of CBST in the 1990's when we were rejected each year.

    GLF in HOP 2013 in front of the Stonewall
    Photo taken at the 2013 Heritage of Pride March in front of the Stonewall.
    Rick Landman is in the light blue T-shirt to the right with the Original Gay Liberation Front who all marched in 1970. I only missed walking in two parades since 1970.

    Sheepshead Bay
    Photo taken at the 2012 Unveiling Ceremony at the NYC Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay after I led a 20 year fight to get stone memorials inscribed for the other victims of the Nazi era.

    George Segal Statue on June 26, 2013 Chart to define groups in concentration camps - Pink Triangle

    On the left is a photo of the George Segal Statue on June 26, 2013 at the Edie Winsor- End of DOMA Rally. It was on the exact anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah.

    On the right is a chart that lists the various groups and symbols in the concentration camps. This is the origin of the Pink Triangle.

    Rick Landman -History when

    Ricky swim I am coming out of a swimming pool in a hotel in the Catskills Mountains predominantly used by German Jewish refugees at the age of 7. Can anyone else tell that I am gay?

    Henry Army My father was arrested and sent to Dachau on the day after Kristallnacht when he was 18 years old, but in 1945 he is with the first American Soldiers to enter Munich, Augsburg and Dachau. Both of my parents are Holocaust Survivors.

    Rick Landman high school graduation Rick Landman ID card 1972 My graduation photo and then during my hippy days at college where I started the Gay Liberation Front.

    March on Washington pin I was the NY Representative for the First March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights on October 14, 1979. I was also an organizer for the First March on Albany in March 1971.

    Gay Rights Billboard at Sheridan Square Billboard in Sheridan Square when we were trying to get a Gay Rights Bill passed in NYC. I was in the Gay & Lesbian Independent Democrats and the Coalition for Lesbian & Gay Rights at the time.

    Chupah Munich I brought a Torah back to Germany which my grandfather brought to America. It is at Congregation Beth Shalom, a Liberal egalitarian LGBT-friendly Synagogue in Munich.

    Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen
    I have been volunteering at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen for over 7 years (1,200 hours). This church is also the location of CBST, my Synagogue serving the LGBT Community and our family and friends.

Gay Rights Billboard

Click Here to learn more about the


Each performance is individualized for the specific audience.

  • Growing up after World War II as a gay Jewish son of two German Holocaust Survivors who becomes active in the LGBT Movement and returns a Torah to Germany becomes a German Citizen in 2007.

  • The weekend of the Stonewall Rebellion - June 1969 and what prior events helped spark the riot, including those groups that preceded Stonewall.

  • Being at the early Marches for LGBT Rights and the Gay Liberation Front.

  • History of Jewish discrimination and segregation in America from 1896-1964. Why did America make it so hard for Jews to immigrate after WWI?

  • Story of how his father was arrested and sent to Dachau on Kristallnacht in 1938, and how he liberated the town of Dachau as an American soldier in 1945.

  • The Rise and Fall of "Sodomy Laws" from Napoleon to Bismarck (Paragraph 175 of the German Penal Code) to Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld to WWII and then the Mattachine Society and Radicalesbians, etc.

  • History of the formation of various LGBT Legal Institutions and why the names Gay or Lesbian were not present in their names.

  • The legal fight in New Jersey to have homosexuals congregate in bars 2 years before the Stonewall Riots. “One Eleven Liquors, Inc. vs. Division of Alcoholic Beverage Commission”.

  • The End of Sodomy Laws in America post WWII including NYS's laws.

  • The Fight for the NY "Gay Rights" Bill and Marriage Equality.

  • The impact of so many LeGaL (or BAHRGY) lawyers on our Movement.

  • What happened to Germany's homosexual community during the Nazi era.

  • The impact and history of HIV/AIDS on the West Village (St. Vincent's Hospital, Bailey House) and surviving the onslaught of the epidemic.
gay buttons
A collection of pins that I wore in the 1970's.

  • Rick Landman, Esq., a Native New Yorker, has been an AICP Certified Planner for over 30 years, and is an Attorney Emeritus, and member of LeGaL (the LGBT Bar Association and the Bar Association of Human Rights of Greater N.Y.)

  • He has 3 Masters Degrees (M.C.R.P. in City and Regional Planning, Ed.M. in Curriculum Development, M.S. in Civil (Socio) Engineering;) and a J.D. in law (cum laude). He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1988.

  • He was Lead Attorney at LeGaL's Walk-In Clinic at the LGBT Community Center for over 5 years.

  • He has volunteered at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen for over 1,200 hours in more than 7 years.

  • He started coming out in 1965 at the age of 13 in his Hebrew School class when he asked if two men could get married; and later that year when he old his summer camp counselor that he had a crush on Wayne.

  • He was the founder of the Gay Liberation Front - GLF at SUNY at Buffalo in 1970, and marched in the First Pride Parade in June 1970. It was actually a GLF Demonstration commemorating the first Stonewall Anniversary.

  • He also helped to organize the First March on Albany for Gay Rights in 1971.

  • He was later elected the NY Representative to plan the First March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1979.

  • He has been a long time member of CBST (Congregation Beit Simchat Torah) and co-chair of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors.

  • He was an early member of GLID (Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats) and served on their Executive Committee, was also a member of CLGR (Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights) and worked on the Diversity Taskforce which assisted in drafting the first NYC Domestic Partnership Bill.

  • He was an adjunct Professor of Planning at NYU's Wagner School and taught their Land Use law class from 2003 - 2009. His class is a required core class for the Urban Planning Masters students. Since 2010 he is an adjunct professor at New York Law School, also teaching a land use law class.

  • He was the Executive Director of Real Estate Development for the City of New York for 5 years and was the Director of Real Estate Development at NYU for 19 years.

  • One of his 3 Masters Degrees was an Ed.M. in Curriculum Planning to individualize the program to your needs.

  • Rick was the chair of several committees of Community Board #1 Manhattan, including the chair of the Planning & Community Infrastructure Committee, the Tribeca Committee and chaired what is now called the Landmarks Committee when Tribeca was first designated in 1992.

  • He moved into a Lower Manhattan converted apartment in the 1970's, that is approximately 1,000 feet from the World Trade Center.

  • He is a licensed NYC Sightseeing Tour Guide. License No.: 1281818 exp. 3/31/14.

  • He also has dual citizenship between the USA and Germany. He is the son of two Jewish Holocaust Survivors, and is active in several Second Generation programs.

In 1987, while studying for the NYS Bar Exam, I was the lead in a play to raise funds from the Real Estate Community. I was Rupert Dumkowski in a play called, “The Show Business, A Bird’s Eye View”. It played on 42nd Street in the Hyatt Hotel. My secret talent was that I couldn’t dance or sing. I was to sing “strong and wrong”, and try to keep up with the others while dancing.

Susan W. Bird Show

Susan W. Bird Show

These photos are from the Dress Rehearsal of the production. I am the short one in the middle.

The New York Times – Article on Line

POSTINGS: Benefit Lampoon; Realtybiz
Published: October 11, 1987

The folks who push the $900-a-month studios and $1,300 one-bedrooms are taking a break this week to help those who get bruised worst by Manhattan's stratospheric housing market - homeless children. In a benefit Wednesday night, some 100 brokers from 35 firms will act, sing, change sets and manipulate the lights in a musical spoof of their own industry.

Among the dozen song routines will be ''Commission,'' to the tune of ''Tradition'' from ''Fiddler on the Roof,'' and ''Please Approve Me'' - a plea to co-op boards - to the melody of Paul Simon's ''The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy).''

The brainchild of Susan Willett Bird, president of S. W. Bird & Company, a brokerage, the lampoon will benefit the New York Children's Health Project, itself inspired by Mr. Simon, the song writer. In November, the project, based at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, will begin dispatching a van staffed with doctors to aid ailing children who are homeless or in welfare hotels.

The musical, ''The Show Business . . . a Bird's Eye View,'' will skewer everyone from developers and building owners to lawyers and brokers. The black-tie benefit, which includes cocktails and dinner, will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, on East 42d off Lexington Avenue.

Tickets are $150 for individual seats and $2,000 for a table of 10. Information and reservations: 351-2400.

Sophia Petrillo

On numerous occasions on cruise ships, or at CBST, I have played the role of Sophia Petrillo.
I also grew up knowing the son of Estelle Gettleman Getty who is still a friend.