Infotrue Educational Experiences by Rick Landman

Jewish, German, LGBT, and Holocaust related BLOG
by Rick Landman

One Man Show
New Show Combines Holocaust With America's LGBT History

This March Marymount Manhattan College hosted a collaborative educational experience called "Riding the Arc of History", based on my life experiences of being a gay son of Holocaust Survivors who became a German citizen. I created a humorous multi-media storytelling performance to encourage Social Justice while teaching history.

Instead of just lecturing at Daphnie Sicre's theater class, the students' curriculum included producing an actual show around my life. It gave them the opportunity to work on the filming, editing, graphics, lighting, etc. while I got the chance to "come out" as an entertainer in a warm and safe environment.

With images of my life floating behind me, I explained what it was like growing up with a German-Jewish culture right after World War II. Segregation and discrimination were still the law of the land in America, not only for African-Americans, but for Jews, Catholics, Asians and LGBT people as well.