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With a special focus on what happened to the homosexual community during the Nazi era,
By Rick Landman, a German/American gay son of two Holocaust Survivors

The Rise and Fall of the Early
Gay Rights Movement in

Jewish Heritage Museum

Learn what happened to the previous generation of LGBT people in Germany and how it's impact grew in America.

Was first conducted on
July 26, 2009


We are not only the next generations of Jews, but also of the homosexual community; and the history of both groups should be studied and memorialized. As Hillel might have put it: "If we don't explore the Nazi era, who will? and if we only explore what happened to one group, are we getting the whole picture?"

This tour will explore what was happening to the homosexual community during the Nazi era, while incorporating the events into the Jewish experience of the Holocaust. The first event was sponsored by CBST's Mishpacha Group. You can get directions to find the Museum of Jewish Heritage by clicking here.

The lecture will include a special talk on the status of the Sheepshead Bay Holocaust Memorial Park. After 13 years of applying, it looks like the inscription of the stone Markers for the Other Victims of the Nazi era may actually happen. CBST was one of the co-applicants to the proposal.
click Here for more information about the New York City Holocaust Memorial Park

A good source of review for the Tour can be found by Clicking Here! to read a brief history and timeline of what we will be discussing. Just scroll down the page until you see that section. Another good timeline can be found here.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Impossible to tell from the black and white photo if they are pink triangle inmates. But many were interned at Sachsenhausen.
Book burning
The museum has a video clip of the famous Berlin Book Burning on May 10, 1933; we will discuss the trashing of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute on May 6, 1933 and how much of the materials burned at the bonfire were from the Institute.

This chart is posted in an exhibit that shows the PINK TRIANGLE as one of the labels that had to be worn.
Magnus Hirschfeld
This is a photo of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, a secular Jew who founded the Institute for Sexual Sciences which was destroyed by the Nazis on May 6, 1933.
Photo of a well known homosexual bar that was closed in Berlin in early 1933.
Disclaimer: This is not to equate the persecution of the other victims with the planned genocide of the Jews of Europe. The two are not the same. But in order to understand how Germany turned from a civilized democracies into a silent population allowing mass murders, it become necessary to see what was happening to the other victim groups. This tour is meant to focus on what was happening to the homosexual community during the Nazi era, and will have some personal aspects of what was happening to my family during the Holocaust.
For general information about how to get to the Museum,etc. Click Here.
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  • Rick Landman, Esq., a Native New Yorker, has been an AICP Certified Planner for over 30 years, and an Attorney since 1988.

  • His mother first told him about CBST in April 1973 and told him to get dressed and go to shul. He has been a member on and off since then.

  • In 1992 he founded the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Surivors and is their webmaster and the webmaster of the Association of Second Generation Holocaust Organizations. Both can be found on the homepage of

  • He is an adjunct Professor of Planning at NYU's Wagner School and teaches a Land Use law class since 2003. His class is a required core class for the Urban Planning Masters students.

  • Rick has 3 Masters Degrees (M.C.R.P. in City and Regional Planning, Ed.M. in Curriculum Development, M.S. in Civil (Socio) Engineering) and a J.D. in law(cum laude). He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1988.

  • He was the Executive Director of Real Estate Development for the City of New York for 5 years and was the Director of Real Estate Development at NYU for 19 years.

  • One of the Masters Degrees was an Ed.M. in Curriculum Planning, so if you want a "Tour in the Classroom" lecture that can also be arranged. The lectures will be age appropriate to your class's needs.

  • Rick was the chair of several committees of Community Board #1 Manhattan, including the chair of the Planning & Community Infrastructure Committee, the Tribeca Committee and chaired what is now called the Landmarks Committee when Tribeca was first designated in 1992.

  • He moved into a Lower Manhattan converted apartment in the 1970's, that is approximately 1,000 feet from the World Trade Center.

  • He is a licensed NYC Sightseeing Tour Guide. License No.: 1281818 exp. 3/31/20.

  • He also has dual citizenship between the USA and Germany. He is the son of two Jewish Holocaust Survivors, and is active in several Second Generation programs.