of Augsburg's Jewish Community

These photographs were taken by one of our members, Alan Rabb, on a recent trip to Augsburg.

Of particular interest is the plaque at the Sportsplatz, installed at the request of one our members.

The Sportsplatz was created in 1925 by the Jewish Community of Augsburg, and expanded by adding a new tennis court and soccer field after the Nurnberg Laws of 1935 prevented Jews from associating with Gentiles. Many of our parents were probably there watching them build it. It is still in existence.

Translated, the plaque says --

This place was founded in 1925 as a private tennis club in Augsburg and served our Jewish fellow citizens as a sports and recreational center until it was unlawfully taken away in 1938.

The plaque was installed in 1990.

An outside view of the Sportsplatz.

Another outside view of the Sportsplatz.

The Jewish Cemetery in Augsburg, where many of our great-grandparents are buried.

Another view of the Jewish Cemetery.