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LGBT Pride and LGBT History LGBT HISTORY can be incorporated into history classes, or special programs dealing bullying, with the LGBT Community's part of America's Civil Rights Movement, Holocaust Studies, or for an LGBT Student group.

Rick uses his life experiences to tell what it was like being openly gay in the 1960's and 1970's and how being an early activist affected his life and career.


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Rick Landman spoke at the United Nations Briefing on Holocaust and LGBT Rights on January 29, 2015.
United Nations Briefing on Holocaust and LGBT Rights

Gay Rights Now
Photo of the intersection of 7th Avenue and Christopher Street in Greenwich Village
during the political push to get a "Gay Rights Bill" passed in NYC in the 1980's.

A short award winning documentary made by high school juniors:
Jesse Berliner-Sachs, Sophie Whisnant, Meredith Criner, and Elizabeth Pasquerello.
Won first place in district National History Day Competition 2014.

Jeff Dupre, Mia Ettinger, Ray Hill, Jim Hubbard, Richard Landman, Gretta Schiller, and Marc Stein.

You can read more about the First March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights and their project by Clicking here

A short award winning documentary made by Natasha Pagel-Aprill,
about Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, featuring Rick Landman and Robert Beachy.

Rick Landman was asked to participate
in the OUTLOUD PIONEER program

Outloud logo

GLF in HOP 2013
Photo from 2013 Heritage of Pride March with fellow GLF members.
Rick Landman is in the light blue T-shirt on the right in the photo in front of the Stonewall.

Rick Landman speaks at various college and other settings about what it was like coming out so young in 1965 and what it was like being openly gay back then. He also uses his first hand knowledge to discuss the growth of the American LGBT Rights Movement.
Washington College LGBT Field Trip
David Carter, author of the book "Stonewall", conducted a LGBT Field Trip for students from Washington College. Rick Landman spoke along with other early LGBT activists.

Humanity in Action - Lecture

Humanity in Action - Walking Tour

Humanity in Action - Lecture
Rick spoke at Humanity in Action while giving a Walking Tour on the topic of his life and the LGBT Movement.

Rick Landman spoke at various synagogues for LGBT Pride Shabbat, telling the congregation what it was like coming out in 1965 and being proud of being both gay and Jewish.
Bay Ridge Jewish Center Thank You  Card


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Rick Landman, Esq. has 3 Masters Degrees, (including an Ed.M. in curriculum development) and a J.D. (cum laude) and over 30 years of teaching.

An individualized program can be developed for a high school or college course, or for students groups such as high school Gay-Straight Alliances, or LGBT college groups.

The teaching method can take several forms:
  • a standard classroom setting
  • a small group informal setting
  • an entertaining One Man Show auditorium setting
  • an auditorium large group lecture session
  • a Walking Tour where some of the history took place

The goal is to use the speaker's life story of being a Native New Yorker, first generation American, son of two German Jewish refugees (Holocaust Survivors), who started to come out at the age of 13 in 1965, to teach about the growth of America's Civil Rights Movements.

Topics from previous talks can be viewed if you scroll down below.

See the section below on "About the Speaker" for more detailed information below specifically on the biography of the speaker.

gay pride


Email to discuss the rates and availablity of the Speaker.

Sample topics can be found below.

for More Information
  • Rick Landman, Esq., a Native New Yorker, has been an AICP Certified Planner for over 30 years, and an Attorney Emeritus, and member of LeGaL (the LGBT Bar Association and the Bar Association of Human Rights of Greater N.Y.)

  • Rick has 3 Masters Degrees (M.C.R.P. in City and Regional Planning, Ed.M. in Curriculum Development, M.S. in Civil (Socio) Engineering) and a J.D. in law (cum laude). He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1988.

  • He has a Permanent Certificate to Teach Social Studies for Grades 7-12 in New York State.

  • He also has dual citizenship between the USA and Germany. He is the son of two Jewish Holocaust Survivors, and is active in several Second Generation programs.

  • He was the Lead Attorney at LeGaL's Walk-In Clinic at the LGBT Community Center for 6 years.

  • He started coming out in 1965 at the age of 13 in his Hebrew School class when he asked if two men could get married; and later that year when he old his summer camp counselor that he had a crush on Wayne.

  • He was the founder of the Gay Liberation Front - GLF at SUNY at Buffalo in 1970, and marched in the First Pride Parade in June 1970. It was actually a GLF Demonstration commemorating the first Stonewall Anniversary.

  • He also helped to organize the First March on Albany for Gay Rights on March 15, 1971.

  • He was later elected the NY Representative to plan the First March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights on October 14, 1979.

  • He has been a long time member of CBST (Congregation Beit Simchat Torah) and co-chair of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors.

  • He was an early member of GLID (Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats) and served on their Executive Committee, was also a member of CLGR (Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights) and worked on the Diversity Taskforce which assisted in drafting the first NYC Domestic Partnership Bill.

  • He was an adjunct Professor of Planning at NYU's Wagner School and taught their Land Use law class from 2003 - 2009. His class is a required core class for the Urban Planning Masters students. Since 2010 he is an adjunct professor at New York Law School, also teaching a land use law class.

  • He was the Executive Director of Real Estate Development for the City of New York for 5 years and was the Director of Real Estate Development at NYU for 19 years.

  • Rick was the chair of several committees of Community Board #1 Manhattan, including the chair of the Planning & Community Infrastructure Committee, the Tribeca Committee and chaired what is now called the Landmarks Committee when Tribeca was first designated in 1992.

  • He moved into a Lower Manhattan converted apartment in the 1970's, that is approximately 1,000 feet from the World Trade Center.

  • He is a licensed NYC Sightseeing Tour Guide. License No.: 1281818 exp. 3/31/18.

speaker gay issues



  • The weekend of the Stonewall Rebellion - June 1969.
  • The Fight for the NY "Gay Rights" Bill and Marriage Equality.
  • America's pre-Stonewall Movement including the Mattachine Society and Daughters of Bilitis from after World War II until Stonewall.
  • The legal fight in New Jersey to have homosexuals congregate in bars.
  • Know Your Rights- A Discussion of the current state of laws and how we got here; including when even mentioning the words gay or lesbian were illegal words for incorporating a non-profit organization.
  • The End of Sodomy Laws in America.
  • Biblical History from Adam & St(eve) through David & Jonathan focusing on the capital punishments.
  • Burning of witches and queers.
  • The Rise and Fall of Sodomy Laws from Napoleon to Bismarck to Magnus Hirschfeld to WWII and then the Mattachine Society and Radicalesbians, etc.


  • Coming out in 1965 at the age of 13 in Hebrew School
  • What is was like when being openly gay meant you were a criminal or mentally ill and how this had an impact on your career.
  • The forming of student gay associations or Marches across the country in the early 1970's
  • Being fag-bashed for starting a Gay Liberation group at U.B.
  • What was it like living in the 1970's in the sex charged West Village
  • The creation of the LGBT Community Center on West 13th Street and other LGBT NYC groups
  • The Rise and Fall of Sex in the West Village


  • What happened to Germany's homosexual community during the Nazi era
  • The impact and history of HIV/AIDS on the West Village (St. Vincent's Hospital, Bailey House)and surviving the onslaught of the epidemic.
  • [FOR APA URBAN PLANNERS AND NYC PLANNING STUDENTS] How Adult Sex Establishments actually helped to create NYC neighborhoods and the impact of Zoning laws on their creation and on the closing of many sex-related institutions.
  • [FOR LAWYERS AND LAW STUDENTS] Why NY's LGBT incorporated non-profits couldn't use Lesbian and Gay in their incorporated titles, ie. Lambda Legal Defense Fund, or Bar Association for Human Rights of Greater New York, and how lawyers furthered the LGBT Civil Rights Movement.
  • [For High School programs] A more detailed talk can be provided as to what it was like startig to come out at the age of 13 in the 1960's.


  • The Rise and Fall of the LGBT Rights Movement in Germany 1897-1945


  • Coming out as a gay son Holocaust Survivors
  • The history of the world's largest LGBT Synagogue
  • The story of the Other Victims Marker at the Sheepshead Bay Holocaust Memorial Park
  • The story of a Holocaust surviving Torah coming to America's largest LGBT Synagogue and then going back to Germany.
  • Jewish leaders in NYC's LGBT History.

  • gaygermanjewish

    clickClick Here for More Information about a week long Diversity Program at the University of Minnesota at Duluth.


    Hebrew Tabernacle

    Sunday, January 22, 2012
    TOPIC: "RECONCILING THE PAST: Why a gay Jewish Boy & Son of a Dachau Survivor became a German Citizen"
    Located at the Spring Valley Holocaust Museum & Study Center
    Spring Valley Holocaust Museum and Study Center

    Thursday, March 24, 2011
    Baruch College TOPIC: BARUCH COLLEGE---"For the Bible Tells Me So: A Contemporary Perspective on Sacred Texts and Homosexuality In Islam, Judaism, and Christianity "
    Part of an ongoing discussion spearheaded by the Baruch College "Dare to Engage" Task Force, Baruch College continues the "Dare to Engage" conversation focused on LGBT safety and inclusion on its campus with a frank discussion on religious acceptance and prohibition.

    Richard Landman, long term member of the Congregation of Beth Simchat Torah; Jamiel Terry, LGBT activist and son of anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, Wolfman Productions; Faisal Alam, founder of the Al-Fatiha foundation; Boyanna Grubeshich, the Israel Fellow in Baruch College Hillel; Samer Araey, Chaplain at Baruch College; Kevin Ng, member of Baruch G.L.A.S.S.; Daniel A. Seda, graduate student at School of Public Affairs, Baruch College.

    Sunday, July 26, 2009
    TOPIC: "The Rise and Fall of the LGBT Rights Movement from 1897-1945"
    At 1 pm. - At the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park City for CBST members as part of tour to see what was happening to the "homosexual community" during the Nazi Era.

    Saturday, June 7, 2008
    TOPIC: "Persecution of the Homosexual Community during the Nazi era--- a historical look through a personal family lens."
    At 2 pm. - At the New York City Public Library - International Resource Center
    Flushing Library, 41-17 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Flushing NY 11355
    Near the Number 7 subway line to the Flushing stop.

    Wednesday, November 7, 2007
    Topic:"Kristallnacht- Holocaust Memorial Program"
    at the Bronfman Center for Jewish Living 7 East 10th Street – 2nd floor FROM 7-8 p.m.

    In co-sponsorship with:
    The Bronfman Center for Jewish Living at NYU
    The Deutsches Haus at NYU
    The Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
    NYU Office of LGBT Student Services
    Congregation Beth Simchat Torah

    In Commemoration of the 69th Anniversary of Kristallnacht, NYU will be conducting an inclusive candle lighting ceremony to memorialize the six million Jews, and all of the other victims of the Nazi era, including the disabled, homosexual, Gypsy communities, Jehovah Witnesses, and others including anti-Hitler Germans who were killed for protecting Jews and for anti-Nazi activities.

    In addition, Rick Landman, a gay son and grandson of two Jewish men who were arrested and interned in Dachau on the day after Kristallnacht will make a presentation. Rick will not only relate the 24 hour history of how Kristallnacht affected his father’s life, but will also explain why he decided to reinstate German Citizenship to become a dual citizen. He is now a gay, Jewish, American son of Holocaust Survivors who is also a German citizen. The program will end with a question and answer period.

    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    Topic: PARAGRAPH 175 -The Movie and a Presentation Afterwards
    At 7:00 pm - At the Jewish Center of Jackson Heights
    37-06 77th Street, Jackson Heights, NY
    Sponsored by the Holocaust Resource Center and Archives, Queensborough Community College.

    Gay Rights Billboard

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    LGBT History Tour

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