We will start using this page to develop an International Memorial Day for the LGBT Community in the future.


I was just reading your website and wanted to let you know that there is another gay memorial monument in the US. It is located in the Municipal Cemetery (corner of E. 6th Avenue & Fairbanks Street) in Anchorage, Alaska > and was dedicated on May 23, 1999. The monument is made of gray granite with a pink granite triangle inset into the upper-left corner. The inscription reads: "Your Spirit Lives on, in Love, Peace and Pride". The monument was given to the Anchorage gay community through the love and generosity of Dan Cook AKA Empress XVIII Cherresse, H.I.M. Peggy Murphy, and Emperor VII.

In Anchorage, Alaska on Sunday, May 21, 2000 has a Gay Memorial Monument in the Anchorage Municipal Cemetery. would be happy to participate in a National Memorial Day for the GLBT Community.

The monument is for ALL gays (not just those who died of AIDS). At the time the monument was dedicated, we were under the impression that it was the only gay monument outside of Europe and the only pink triangle one aside from the one in Amsterdam. Anchorage is Alaska's largest city with a population of roughly 300,000 but we're quite small compared to San Francisco, Toronto and other large metropolitan gay centers. We were quite proud to have something those cities did not. I'm glad to see there is now one in New York.

When it was dedicated, the service we held was for our Alaskan brothers and sisters who had passed on before us. The May 21 service is to remember those who died this last year. Now hearing of the international Memorial Day movement, I'm sure we can encompass those who were persecuted or killed in the past as well.

Please keep in contact with Chris Pearson at; Peggy Murphy at and myself (my address is changing to when the theme is planned for next year.

Approximately 50 individuals from the gay, lesbian, transgender and straight community participated in the 2nd annual Gay Memorial Day service in Anchorage, Alaska on Sunday, May 21, 2000. The service was dedicated to the memory of our brothers and sisters who have passed on in the last year. The service was led by Dan Carter of the Lamb of God Metropolitan Community Church with special music by Kippy Lanz & Karl with a K and keynote speech by local attorney and human rights advocate Sylvia Short. Mrs. Short also dedicated a lilac bush which was planted next to the monument and members of The Last Frontier Men's Club provided the flowers surrounding the marker. Following the one-hour service, participants were invited to attend a reception at Mad Myrna's where they could take a turn at the microphone to remember a lost friend, family member or lover.

AlaskaSome of the participants.
AlaskaClose up of Monument.
Michael (AKA Bear Hunter)


This is just a quick note to let you know that a local graphic artist and I have an entry in the annual Tasmanian poets and painters exhibition. It commemorates nineteenth century convicts who were persecuted because they loved and desired someone of the same sex. I'm not sure if this is of interest, but if it is you can e-mail me at


I tried unsuccessfully to access your guest book site in order to sign it. I was pleased to see that my friend Brian Keery had sent you an email and made comments about this very interesting site, which I found while looking for Gay Holocaust Memorials.
One of my very close friends, Kitty Fischer, is a Jewish child Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz, whose life (and that of her younger sister) was saved in Auschwitz by a man with a pink triangle, who use to bring them food which kept them alive.
Kitty tells this story in Sydney at whatever occasion she is able to - 73 years old now and somewhat frail and in indifferent health - and on Tuesday 27 February in Sydney Australia a Gay and Lesbian Memorial is to be consecrated in memory of those murdered by the Nazis and those, like Matthew Shepard, murdered by gay hate crimes around the world.
MY partner and I established AIDS Memorial Groves in a large developing park in Sydney (an ongoing tree planting project) and included in those we commemorate are gays and lesbians murdered by the Nazis and those killed around the world by homophobia.
Regards and best wishes for your site and the information it contains.
Mannie De Saxe (Melbourne, Australia)

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