The submission which was chosen to be the Memorial was by Noreen Dean Dresser. It consists of a piece of art which is (40" x 60") on a long rectangular canvas of museum quality. "Shows the transformation of the badge system of triangles to reveal the multi-meanings. Taking the yellow badge for Jews and the pink badge for Homosexuals, they are intertwined into an atmospheric skyscape. A bright pink line edges the triangle that pierces the blue night bottom half of the artwork. This triangular atmospheric sky pulls the space from the temporal to suggested eternal light. Meanwhile, the blue field below holds the specific temporal pine box as open grave. The piece used pipe with hair, railroad tie, earth from Jerusalem, Auschwitz and Sachenhausen, injection needle, coal and stones. A uniform scrap with number and pink badge wraps around the RR nail. A sky of darkness and rain is at the bottom of a grave opening."

There is a lot of symbolism in the graphic. Allow me to explain: The hourglass signifies the passage of time. The shading in it, from the darkest days in our families' lives, to white. On the top of the Star of David, the symbol our parents and other Jews had to wear during the Holocaust and, of course, the symbol of Jewish identity. At the bottom, the Pink Triangle, also a Holocaust symbol identifying homosexual inmates, now reclaimed by the Gay/Lesbian community as a symbol of pride. Around the hourglass, at the top, the barbed wire that imprisoned our families, gradually becomes the rainbow ribbon, also a symbol of Gay Pride and of freedom.
Ralph Seligman