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INFOTRUE.COM is a website that was created by Rick Landman on August 27, 1997 as one of the free Geocities Accounts. It was originally intended to assist several community groups to have a place on the internet.

Now it focuses on issues dealing with Holocaust-German-Jewish matters and LGBT History and the intersection of both as they relate to the American Civil Rights Movement. The website also shows how to find out more about Rick Landman's Walking Tours, Speaking Engagements, Show, Book, Blog and articles. Rick is also an e-essayist, (electronic essayist) which is sort of a blogger, and includes a Blog on this site.

The Tours are not your typical kind of walking tours. They are individualized for your class or group, and the "Talk" is usually from a personal perspective or from a lecture that I used to teach at NYU or New York Law School. You can visit Lower Manhattan and learn various topics in the actual location where the events occurred.

The LGBT History Tour and the World Trade Center/Urban Planning Tours are the most popular ones, because they are given from a personal perspective.

Speaking Engagements and the One Man Show combine the various aspects of his life and how they are part of America's Civil Rights Movement. There are various webpages on the Holocaust and LGBT History and their intersection.

With all this in mind, you can discuss booking some time with him for a Walking Tour (from 1.5 hours or for the entire day) or a Speaking Engagement or a Show by emailing

Rick Landman, Esq.
Rick Landman, Esq.


Attorney, Planner, Professor, Director

Rick Landman has lived in Lower Manhattan south of Chambers Street for over 40 years, which is around 1,000 feet from the northern end of the World Trade Center. Most of the tours will pass by the World Trade Center and he will explain what it was like to live through that period of our history.

Rick became a dual American-German citizen in 2007. He is active in archiving his family's history in various museums and institutes and incorporates much of this background in various tours. Another part of his personal history is his long term involvement in America's LGBT movement, starting with his founding of the Gay Liberation Front in his college in Buffalo in 1970 and his participation in numerous marches and organizations over the decades.

Academically, he has 3 Masters Degrees and a J.D. in Law. He was the Executive Director of the Division of Real Property for the City of New York under the Koch Administration and was an administrator and adjunct faculty member for NYU for almost 2 decades before retiring and starting INFOTRUE Educational Experiences. He is currently using his Masters Degree in Curriculum Development to prepare experiences on teaching Social Justice and various history and civil rights programs.

He was born in New York City when Truman was president, and was a "future gay criminal" in all 48 states.

His parents were refugees who fled from Nazi Germany in 1939, leaving 17 members of their immediate family behind who perished in the Holocaust. He marched for the 5th time in the German-American Steuben Parade as a Jew and then started an LGBT contingent to the Parade. His father was interned in Dachau after Kristallnacht in 1938 and later liberated Dachau as an American soldier in 1945. His German roots influenced much of his life.

Being a minority of minorities gives him a unique perspective on life. His stories explore life through the eyes of a first generation American, gay pioneer, Jewish, German-American, son of refugees, baby boomer, to promote social justice globally.

Pro Bono, etc. Awards
Pro Bono Awards & Community Service



Below you can see some of the Pro Bono Awards and Community Service Programs:

  • "Attorney Emeritus" Program for providing pro bono services in Housing Court since retirement.
  • Recipient of several Pro Bono Awards from the Access to Justice Program in Housing Court over the past few years (Volunteered approximately 2,000 hours since 2007 at the Pro Se Litigant Help Center at Manhattan's Housing Court).
  • Served as a Guardian ad Litem for several wards at the request of various Housing Court judges.
  • Former Member of Community Board #1 Manhattan over the past decades; including being the Chair of the Planning Committee, Landmarks Committee and Tribeca Committee.
  • Donated more than approx. 2,000 hours at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen since 2007.
  • Started a Jewish contingent to march in the German-American Steuben Parade for the past several years.
  • On a personal basis, Rick is a Native New Yorker, born to two German Holocaust Survivors. In 2005 he returned a Torah scroll to his grandfather's hometown and became a dual American/German citizen in 2007, and speaks at various Holocaust related venues.



Below you can see some of the activities and accomplishments that Rick performed with the LGBT Community:

  • At the age of 17 Rick started the Gay Liberation Front at SUNY Buffalo in early 1970 and marched in the first NYC Pride March in June 1970.
  • Marched as one of the Grand Marshals in the 2019 Stonewall 50 Heritage of Pride Parade (and Reclaim Pride March) with the Gay Liberation Front.
  • Went with the UB GLF to the First March on Albany for Gay Rights on March 14, 1971 and conducted a 25th Anniversary Program for that event in 1996.
  • Was on the Executive Committee of the Gay Independent Democrats (GID as well as when it became GLID).
  • Long Term Member of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST) (and former member of the Board of Directors), first attending the synagogue in April 1973.
  • Was a member of CLGR- Coalition of Lesbian and Gay Rights, and participated in the Domestic Partnership project as well as the attempts at finding an LGBT Community Center.
  • Was elected to be an organizer of the First March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights on October 14, 1979 and conducted Anniversary programs over the years.
  • Former Lead Counsel at the LGBT Bar Association Legal Walk-In Clinic for the past few years (Volunteered over 600 hours) at Manhattan's LGBT Community Center.
  • Recipient of Special Congressional Recognition for the work performed to get the NYC Holocaust Memorial Park at Sheepshead Bay to include 5 stone markers remembering the lives of the Other Victims of the Nazi era.
  • Co-chair of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors since 1990. We finally succeeded in having stone Memorial markers to be inscribed in NYC's Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn for the Other Victims of the Nazi era. This project took around 18 years to accomplish.
  • Gives Assistance to the Congregation Beit Simchat Torah's Legal Asylum Clinic with conjunction with RUSA, SAFE, and New Sanctuary Coalition.
  • Along with other members of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah he welcomes his Muslim neighbors to the Jummah services almost every Friday at the NYU Islamic Center.
  • Started a LGBT Contingent to march in the German-American Steuben Parade.