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Walking Tours

Learn History Where the Events Occurred

Whether you are in the NYC area, or are visiting our City, why not learn about our history while walking through the actual areas where the events occurred? All Tours take place in Lower Manhattan. Most Walking Tours are booked by colleges, high schools or professional groups who want to learn while walking around. The most popular Tours include the LGBT History Tour in Greenwich Village, led by one of he early pioneers of the Movement. This has been a large group experience but has been given to small groups as well as law school students who want a better understanding of the legal history dealing with LGBT Rights. The historical perspective is from Law Professor who grew up in the segregated north as a gay son of two Holocaust Survivors who was active in the LGBT Rights Movement since 1970.

Or you may want to take an Urban Planning Tour led by a Certified Urban Planning professor in the Village or the Wall Street area, or a New Amsterdam Tour, or a World Trade Center Tour led by a long time resident of Tribeca. The "Talk" is just as important as the "Walk" and in many cases include first hand recollections. For more information, click on Tour photo.

Riding the Arc of History
Riding the Arc of History - Storytelling Show

One Man Storytelling Performances

"Riding the Arc of History"

This One Man Storytelling Show explores Social Justice and the History of the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes and life of a gay son of two Holocaust Survivors who becomes a German citizen. It has been performed in a College theater setting, but can also be conducted in Synagogues, Churches, or at your organization's space. Rick combines the lessons that he learned from the Holocaust with the the struggle for LGBT Rights to explain how far America has come. People can laugh while tackling difficult subjects. For more information, click on Show photo.

Speaking Engagement
Auditorium Setting for the Talk

Speaking Engagements

LGBT, Jewish, German, & Urban Planing

Speaking Engagements are available on various topics: including LGBT History, and Jewish-German History from a personal perspective, or for an Inclusive Civil Rights History program. Rick uses his life experiences and lessons learned from the Holocaust and struggle for LGBT Rights to explore how far America has come. In addition, Urban Planning and Land-Use Law topics are available from Rick, a retired lawyer/planner/professor. Most of the topics are given from a personal perspective. For more information, click on photo.

Blog Images
Images From Various Blog Pieces

Blogs, Stories, Book, and Articles

Take a while to read some short stories, articles, essays through the eyes of a gay son of 2 refugees

Check out BLOGS for Articles, Family Stories and Webpages that deal with the life of Rick Landman, and subjects exploring LGBT (gay) History, German, Jewish, Holocaust-related subjects. You will also find Series of blog pieces to explore the Lessons from the Holocaust or LGBT Rights Movement in greater detail. There is even a link to follow "Riding the Arc of History" which is Rick Landman's book. There are also webpages relating Rick's family background, including how his father was both an inmate in Dachau and an American Soldier who liberated Dachau. For more information, click on the icon.

NYC Holocaust Memorial Park- LGBT Marker
Historical Events- From NYC Holocaust Memorial Park

Historical Events

LGBT, Jewish, German, or Holocaust Related Webpages

This section will link to various webpages (mostly by Rick Landman)that give a look back to events in LGBT (gay), Jewish, German and Holocaust-related history; especially when they overlap. Examples, are events in the early LGBT Movement, to the inscription of the Other Victim Markers at the NYC Holocaust Memorial Museum in Sheepshead Bay, to early Marches for LGBT Rights, to new contingents in the NYC Steuben Parade. For more information, click on photo.

This section will also link to various webpages of Organizations that handle LGBT (gay), Jewish, German and Holocaust-related concerns; especially when they overlap. This is the main webpage for the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors and several other second generation sites. Some are still listed for historical purposes, but they no longer exist.