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Original Marchers of 1970

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
George Santayana

Walking Tours

In Lower Manhattan

The Walks are geared for teenagers through seniors. While some Walks are academic in nature, others are a "Walking Show" where you learn and laugh at the same time. The maximum size of a Tour is 25 people, but some walks have been for just individuals or families or small parties. Every Walking Tour is full of Rick's personal stories to explore the specific subject. Rick is not only a licensed tour guide, but has been a law professor and certified urban planner for decades.

The LGBT History Tour in Greenwich Village, is led by one of the early pioneers of the Movement. It incorporates the entire post WW II American Civil Rights Movement. The historical perspective is from a Law Professor who grew up in the segregated North as a gay son of two German Holocaust Survivors who has been active in the LGBT (Gay) Rights Movement since 1970. This can be turned into a "Walking Show" for small groups of friends, co-workers, or for families with LGBT members.

Or you may want to take an Urban Planning Tour led by a Certified Urban Planning professor in Greenwich Village or in the Wall Street area. This can be combined with a historical look at the World Trade Center Area, by a long time resident of Tribeca who lived through 9/11. There is also a New Amsterdam Tour which delves into the lives of the settlers including the enslaved, Jews, Homosexuals, Native Americans, and Europeans who lived in New Amsterdam and New Orange. The "Talk" is just as important as the "Walk" and includes first hand recollections. All Tours can also be indoor lecture programs. Individualized programs have been made for colleges, such at the tour for St. John's University's Discover New York program. For more information and prices, click on Tour photo.

Speaking Engagement
Auditorium Setting for the Talk

Speaking Engagements

For High School/College Venues, Synagogues, & Jewish Museums

Speaking Engagements are based on the life experiences of Rick Landman to teach Social Justice and Civil Rights History. Rick uses his stories of coming out at the age of 13 in 1965, lessons learned from the Holocaust and struggle for LGBT Rights to explore how far America has come. Rick shares many stories from growing up with a German Jewish culture while being openly gay and active in the early LGBT Liberation and Rights Movement.

Rick is available as a speaker for Pride Month, LGBT History Month, LGBT Pride Shabbat Services, Yom HaShoah and Kristallnacht Programs.

Rick's programs can be more academic for college settings, teaching LGBT History or Holocaust Studies; or emphasize the affective domain for high school students and Gay-Straight Alliances to engage them. One popular program tells LGBT History from Napoleon to Kim Davis in 60 minutes. There is also a more informal One Man Show Performance described below.

In addition, Rick also goes to colleges to discuss Urban Planning and Land-Use Law topics since he is a long term lawyer/planner/professor. Most of the topics are taught from a personal perspective.

Below is a photo of a LGBT History Field Trip to NYC by Washington College, where a group of early LGBT activists spoke. The program was developed by David Carter who wrote the book "Stonewall".

Washington College - LGBT Field Trip

Riding the Arc of History
Riding the Arc of History - Storytelling Show

Storytelling Performances

"Riding the Arc of History"

This One Man Storytelling Show explores Social Justice and the History of the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes and life of a gay son of two Holocaust Survivors who becomes a German citizen. Growing up with a German Jewish Washington Heights background, while being opening gay in the 1960's gives one a unique perspective. The performance has been performed in a College theater setting, but can also be conducted in Synagogues, Churches, High Schools, or at your organization's space. Rick combines the lessons that he learned from the Holocaust with the the struggle for LGBT Rights to explain how far America has come. People can laugh while tackling difficult subjects. For more information, click on Show photo.

This section explores the Holocaust from the eyes of a gay son of two refugee Holocaust Survivors. It also includes video clips from Kristallnacht, Yom Hashoah, and Second Generation programs, etc.

Ruth Gruber's book called Haven

In November 2016, Rick Landman spoke at the annual Kristallnacht Service at CBST for 5 minutes about the Jewish Refugee Internment Camp at Oswego New York, which was created towards the end of World War II for about 900 displaced European Jews, who were interned in NY under the threat of being returned back to Germany after the war's conclusion.

Ruth Gruber's book called "Haven" is an excellent account of the lives and struggles of the story of how America did take in refugees in 1944 outside of the Quota system, and how America reacted to having these mostly Jews in our midst. It is a must read to understand refugees, displaced persons, and why America didn't take in more survivors of the Holocaust. Below is the video clip of Rick's talk at CBST.

Click below to see Rick Landman's 7 minute presentation taped on February 26, 2015 @ Museum of Jewish Heritage. In it he gives a glimpse into what it was like growing up as a gay son of Holocaust Survivors. It was taped shortly after the death of his father.

To see the entire 1.5 hour program by at the Museum of Jewish heritage of 9 children of Holocaust Survivors: click below:

Henry Landman Obituary
Henry Landman Obituary

The life of Henry Landman

"Stories of my Dad"

You can read about the life of Rick's father by clicking on this photo. Henry Landman died on December 29, 2014 at the age of 94. This webpage includes a link to "An Evening With My Dad" where Rick told stories about Henry Landman. The talks are on two YouTube videos; each about 30 minutes long. Further down the webpage are photos from Henry's life.

Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945, and United Nation briefing on the NYC Holocaust Memorial Park
Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals

Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals

Exhibits, NYC Memorial Park and United Nations Briefing

You can watch the briefing at the United Nations on January 29, 2015, where Rick Landman tells the Saga of the Other Victim Markers at the NYC Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and the request for an official City Unveiling ceremony; and you can scroll down to read about the whole history as to why it took around 20 years to get the stone markers inscribed to remember the lives of the Homosexual Community, Jehovah Witnesses, Disabled Community, Roma-Sinti (Gypsy) Community, A-socials, Homeless, and Political Prisoners. You can also see a link to the USHMM Traveling Exhibit on the topic.

Article Images
Images From Various Articles

Articles, Stories, and Book

Take a while to read some short stories, articles, essays through the eyes of a gay son of 2 refugees

Check out Articles Family Stories and Webpages that deal with the life of Rick Landman, and subjects exploring LGBT (gay) History, German, Jewish, Holocaust-related subjects. You will also find Series of blog pieces to explore the Lessons from the Holocaust or LGBT Rights Movement in greater detail. There is even a link to follow "The Memoir of a Gay Jewish German-American Pioneer - Riding the Arc of History" which is Rick Landman's book. There are also webpages relating Rick's family background, including how his father was both an inmate in Dachau and an American Soldier who liberated Dachau. For more information, click on the icon.

NYC Holocaust Memorial Park- LGBT Marker

Historical Events

LGBT and Holocaust Related

Click below for various webpages (mostly by Rick Landman)that give a look back to either LGBT Historical Events or Holocaust Historical Events; especially if they overlap, such as the inscription of the Other Victim Markers at the NYC Holocaust Memorial Museum in Sheepshead Bay or what it was like for Homosexuals during the Nazi era.

This webpage also contents various Organizations. It includes the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors and several other second generation sites. Some are still listed for historical purposes, but they no longer exist.

The webpage will focus on several historical events in LGBT History where either Rick Landman was involved directly or had a relationship with CBST, New York City's Synagogue serving people of all orientations and gender identities. This includes early marches for LGBT Rights, and our struggle to obtain full equality.


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Read a Blog by Rick Landman, from the eyes of a gay son of 2 German Jewish refugees. The Blog also includes a Series and Summary of 12 Lessons he learned from the Holocaust.